About Us

ECommerce Island is St. Croix, the largest island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where superior infrastructure and tax benefits under the U.S. flag make an ideal new home for your knowledge based, on-line or technology based business. Under the U.S. Treasury’s permanent regulations, the VI Bureau of Revenue offers up to 90% off of mirrored U.S. rates and as 4% rate on dividends and royalties generated in the USVI.

As a territory of the United States with close proximity to the US mainland, the USVI helps you leverage near shore benefits, including protecting your intellectual property under the US flag. US banking, FDIC protection, intellectual property protection under US federal law and significant corporate tax incentives.

Increased Shareholder Value

Increasing shareholder value is a fundamental business goal around the globe.

Managing corporate income tax liability, legally and efficiently, is one viable means to accomplish this objective. Qualifying enterprises can now realize significant income tax saving (up to 90% in the equivalent) and the protection for your intellectual property by sourcing it from a UVIRTPark managed data center on the island of St.Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. Recently passed legislation by United States Virgin Islands government along with guidance from the United States Treasury makes this unique opportunity possible.

The U.S. Virgin Islands offers a unique opportunity for businesses engaged in a plethora of business activities to take advantage of economic incentives and a world-class telecommunications infrastructure to increase shareholder value. This opportunity was developed by a focused effort by the federal and local governments, The University of the Virgin Islands and the business community.

A unique opportunity exists whereby a United States corporation can enjoy up to a 90% in the equivalent reduction in income tax, while remaining within the territory of the United States, where familiar rules and regulations apply. UVIRTPark can help your company quickly profit from this unique business opportunity to increase shareholder value while having operational confidence in our world-class telcom and IT solutions.