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A bit about the process I use

Every business has it's own requirements depending on complexities.
Regulatory navigation helps us achieve success.

Requirements & goals

  • What financial situation does favorable regulation solve?
  • What goals does upper management need to accomplish?
  • How does favorable regulation affect other business needs?
  • What regulatory changes are on the horizon?

Near-Shore Benefits

  • What are the latest technologies & rules that could be beneficial?
  • Can we use these rules to our advantage?
  • How rapidly is the regulatory landscape changing?
  • What's the simplest, fastest way to a comprehensive solution?

Government Classification

  • Near-Shore, business friendly
  • Near-Shore, business neutral
  • US related
  • Non-US related

Develop Strategic Plan

  • Understand current environment in detail.
  • Plan efficient pathway to business objectives.
  • Assemble resources to execute the plan.
  • Execute the plan rapidly, and perfectly

Hello, I am Steve Rohrlick...

With many years experience as the exclusive representative of the US Virgin Islands, I am in the unique position of have not only assisted major corporations in gaining the benefits of Near-Shore locations, I have also successfully lobbied in Washington for legislation that preserved these benefits.

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Tax Benefits

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By hosting your eCommerce business in the near shore American Paradise, the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is now possible to reduce Federal corporate income taxes by up to 90% and eliminate state taxes entirely.

Taxes are rising, whether corporate, Sub-chapter S or personal and both Federal or state. Sources of working capital have become scarce, whether through equity placements or bank or non-bank debt. How do you protect net margins and permit funds generated internally to grow? Thanks to a little known ruling issued by the Treasury in April 2008, it is now possible to operate under US law, improve the quality of eCommerce infrastructure through the superior bandwidth infrastructure in the USVI and save up to 90% off of customary Federal rates.

The Treasury’s permanent regulations clarify source income treatment for certain knowledge-based businesses, facilitating ecommerce and software intellectual property models in the US Virgin Islands. VI residents are exempt from US taxes and, to spur economic development, the VI Bureau of Revenue offers up to 90% off of mirrored US rates and a low 4% rate on dividends and royalties generated in the USVI.



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Economic Incentives for Knowledge-Based Businesses The US Virgin Islands (USVI), offers targeted tax incentives to attract technology and other knowledge-based businesses..

U. S. Virgin Islands at a Glance

The U.S. Virgin Islands is an unincorporated territory of the United States, with a local government structure defined by the federal Revised Organic Act of 1954, as amended. Internal political affairs are under the jurisdiction of an elected governor and a 15-member unicameral legislature. In addition to the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Virgin Islands has its own system of local courts, including a Superior Court and Supreme Court.

The people of the U.S. Virgin Islands elect a delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. This official can vote in committee, but does not have a vote on legislation in the full House of Representatives.

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